If I were CEO of Micronsystems by Deborah Install

Wednesday, 29 April 2015
Hello everybody! Today I have a very special post for you because its my stop on the blog tour for 'A Robot in the Garden' by Deborah Install. Deborah has very kindly provided me with a guest post to share with you guys, so without further ado I'll pass you over!

"If I were CEO of Micronsystems…"

Early in the novel Ben finds a lead to where Tang comes from, which he thinks is a Californian company called Micronsystems. So it got me thinking: if I were CEO, into which projects would I be ploughing our resources?

An obvious answer is defence and security systems, for which there is already a precedent in real life. To be able to send AI in to protect humans to minimize loss of life seems like a noble cause when put like that, but it does have the knock-on effect of potentially taking jobs from humans. Also, if we’re involving sentient robots, is that any more fair that sending humans in?

So as CEO perhaps we would look at caring occupations instead. Caring for relatives unable to look after themselves takes a huge emotional and financial toll, so might it be nice to be able to send in a kind, friendly robot to offer some support and respite? I think so.

On a fun note, I think I’d have a gaming division, too. As a gamer myself this is dear to my heart, and I quite like the idea of having a robot gaming buddy to play against. It needn’t be restricted to video games either. What do you do when you fancy a game of chess but you’re the only one you know who likes it? Robot gaming buddy.

I have put in ‘Cyberdrivers’ into ARITG, and I also think this might be a runner for my fictitious AI corporation. Rather than develop driverless cars, perhaps a driver with the capacity to understand the car, the road conditions and the potential for human error around it might be a very helpful addition to modern life.

The novel also has a little incident with a robot washing machine, which I thought at the time I could definitely find a use for and stand by this now. The machine in question is contracted to go from motel to motel offering a washing service to guests, so is a sort of mobile launderette. I definitely think there’s a market for this.

So if you were CEO of Micronsystems what would you create?

What a wonderful post, and such a thought provoking question! It's definitely a tricky one with all of the possibilities to consider! If I were CEO I think I would agree with Deborah and look in the direction of personal care, possibly even taking it a step further and looking into the medical benefits that Artificial Intelligence could provide? Am I the only person thinking that if I was CEO I'd pretty much order for an army of Baymax? I hope not! A Tang would be cute too though! Feel free to answer Deborah's question in the comments below or over on any of our social medias! 

Also, to add my own spin on this blog tour, if you scroll down to the bottom of this post you can watch a video on how to make your very own Tang! (Well, a paper robot.) I had too, it's a teacher's prerogative to provide lots of arts and craft activities! I hope you enjoy making your own Tang's! Upload your pictures to Twitter and tag me and Deborah in them, I'm sure she'd love to see them!

Well thank you very much Deborah for stopping by today and providing that lovely article! Deborah's novel 'A Robot in the Garden' is available online and in stores now, so I highly suggest you run out and grab yourself a copy - it's witty, lighthearted and a great adventurous read! I'll leave a link to my review here, but in case you aren't yet convinced, here is a bit more information about Deborah herself and her wonderful novel 'A Robot in the Garden.' 

Keep up with all of the updates for the blog tour by following Deborah here (@DeborahInstall). Tomorrow's host is The Bookish Universe so look out for her post and hopefully I'll see you guys soon! 


Deborah Install has been writing fiction since childhood, submitting her first book to a publisher at the age of eight. Though ‘Sammy the Squirrel’ never saw the light of day the love of writing persisted, leading to a number of jobs, including web journalism at university and her most recent role as copywriter at a design and marketing agency. This role morphed into maternity leave, which turned out to be more closely associated with writing than expected. Deborah’s debut novel – A Robot in the Garden – came about whilst caring for her new baby.
Deborah has turned her hand to a peculiar range of hobbies, including martial arts, lead singing in a band, sewing, following rugby and directing and acting in an am-dram company. These days, when not writing or being with family, her time is spent in the pursuit of books, films and games (dice, board and video). She lives in Birmingham with her husband, toddler and affectionate but imperious cat.


What would you do if you found a robot in your back garden? For 34-year-old Ben Chambers the answer is obvious: find out where it came from and return it home, even if it means losing his wife in the process. Determined to achieve something for once in his life, Ben embarks on a journey that takes him and the robot to the far side of the globe...and back again. 
Along the way he begins to change, subtly at first, and then in ways that only become clear on his return to the house he’s always lived in. Funny, touching, charming, and with things to say about, well, being a man and being sentient, A Robot In The Garden is a gem of a first novel, perfect for Book Clubs; perfect for anyone, male or female, who has ever found it difficult to connect with the world.


How to make a Tang! (A Paper Robot)

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