#SecretBookBlogger Pen Pals (UK Only)

Monday, 13 April 2015
Following the excitement and success of #UKYADAY (hosted by the wonderful Lucy), a couple of bloggers got talking on Twitter after Beth over at @BookerLoverx mentioned she was looking for a bookish pen pal. This gave the bloggers the perfect moment to be nostalgic and to think back to the 90's when sending handwritten letters to pen pals was cool! It was decided on that night that the thrill that was having a pen pal would be revived , and what better people to receive post from than other nerdy book lovers.
Beth (@BookerLoverx), Lynsey (@Lynsey871) and I (@theblogbookshop) have decided to set up a blogger pen pal list that will work in a similar style to Secret Santa, and lets face it who doesn’t love a bit of Secret Santa?!
We are asking for other book lovers, Potter heads, YA fanatics, authors and bloggers to sign up to our book blogger pen pal list. On the 1st of each month, names will be drawn from a hat to decide who will be mailing who as their pen friend that month (or every few months depending on preference). You may be creative as you like with your mail but the focus should not be on expense but on a sheer love of books and recommendations! Let the book recommendations, personalised letters, stickers, jokes, quotes, book swag commence!   Did I mention I had postcards that depict timeless penguin classic covers? No? Well I do!
If you fancy jumping on this nostalgic bandwagon, then please do get in touch with either myself, Beth of Lynsey via Twitter or make yourself known in the comments below. To all our international friends, unfortunately we have decided to start off as UK only but hope to spread the pen pal craze across the globe as soon as possible!
I look forward to seeing your eagerness for this project and to whom my May pen pal shall be!


  1. Hi Daniel! Please add me to the list if I'm not already on it!! Thanks! Sara

    1. You're already on the list so you're good! :)


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