My Top 5 Favourite Dragons: A Talon Saga Inspired Post!

Sunday, 17 May 2015
So as I'm currently in the middle of Rogue (Book 2 in the Talon Saga), I've been thinking a lot about the different dragons that I've come across as I've grown up. Now most of these were from films, but there were a couple that featured in books too! 

Today I thought I would do a post inspired by  Julie Kagawa's Talon/Rogue by telling you guys what my top 5 favourite dragons are. The task has been tough as there are so many out there to choose from, and a lot of them the favourites, so without further ado and in no particular order, here are my top 5 favourite dragons!

Elliot from Pete's Dragon

Does anyone remember that Disney film? Such a classic. When I was a lot younger than I am today, Elliot was the first dragon that I was ever introduced to and he had such a big impact on my perceptions of dragons. Even when I saw other films where dragons were pitched as dark, evil creatures I knew there was always good dragons in the fantasy world too and Elliot showed me that!

Maleficent in Dragon Form

I don't care if people argue that technically Maleficent wasn't a dragon in the entire movie, I'm still counting her. She was a very dramatic and impressive dragon for a Disney movie and inset fear into Daniel when he was about 6 years old. Maleficent still stands as my favourite Disney villain so it makes sense for her to be on this list!


Mushu I think has to be one of my favourite dragon's of all time and simply because he was so comical and really brought a humour to such a serious film. Mulan teaches us a lesson all about being who you truly are and that you shouldn't have to hide it, but if you look at it from Mushu's perspective it's about persistance of a cause can lead to greatness - and of course then you get to be super smug about it afterwards.

Falkor the Luck Dragon

Falkor is another one of my favourites because The NeverEnding Story was one of my absolute favourite childhood movies of all time - it is up there competing with Labyrinth (the one with David Bowie in it!) I don't know what it was about the movie but I loved Falkor the Luck Dragon, he brought wisdom and humour to the film when the concept of the film was quite dark.


Last but certainly in no means least is the ever so loveable Toothless. I don't know what it is but Toothless as a character is just plain and simply adorable and brings that sense of happiness to the How to Train your Dragon franchise. The on screen version of Toothless was the perfect depiction of how I imagined him in the books - childish and yet at times very versatile. 

So there you have it! There are my Top 5 Favourite Dragons - a post inspired by the wonderful Talon Saga by Julie Kagawa! If you want to find out more about the first book in the series, Talon then you can click here to go to my review and find out my thoughts about it. Alternatively if you want a mini non-spoilery review then you can click here to read my feature on Maximum Pop!'s website.

Let me know who you consider to be your favourite dragons in the comments below! I'd love to hear who you come up with!

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