Cover Redesign # 2: Panic by Lauren Oliver

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Recently I had an idea. I thought to myself, what if I could choose an alternative to some of these covers that I've seen about. As my first point of call in a bookshop, I like covers to be able to stand out and make me want to read the story inside. Sadly not all covers can be amazing. I'm not a huge fan of face covers as many of you know, and sometimes the initial design of a cover doesn't really tell me anything about the story...

So, this is going to be a prominent feature on my blog, depending if I have enough time/ can be motivated enough. I am going to be redesigning current covers of books. Now these will most likely be books that I really admire and enjoy looking at but there will be a few covers that I wish I could do over - however these will be clearly stated.

Today, I have one redesigned book covers for you guys: Panic by Lauren Oliver. Now I really enjoyed the story for this one but I didn't think the cover reflected the book at all. So here is my take on the cover.


Now this novel for me was quite intense and at times really had my heart beating in my chest. The idea behind the story is facing your fears and trying death-defying challenges to try and win an insane amount of money to you. Does the actual cover reflect this at all? I don't know about you but frankly this cover doesn't really make me want to panic. It's a face cover, and I'm not really sure what the aim of it was trying to be - I know it fits in really well with Lauren Oliver's Delirium trilogy, but whether it was suited for this cover, I'm not so sure.

What I aimed to try and get from my cover was to make the novel as striking as possible. The phrase panic really makes you want to feel something, and I tried to reflect this in my cover. I've tried to keep it as simplistic as possible because I think in a way that it makes it more dynamic. Theres a wonderful scene in the beginning of the book where the challengers who want to enter panic have to dive off of something to enter. I really liked this image and wanted to capture it in the cover. From the way the people are free-falling in this cover, it's safe to say that there isn't the safety element to it. You have a guy arms spread, falling towards the ground, you have the girl jumping off of the building in delight and then you have the realism of the guy falling backwards, reaching for the air. I love the progression of these characters feelings based on what we can see. The first is excited, then it declines to more cautiousness and then to full frontal fear and panic! The challenges were all death-defying and I really wanted to capture this rawness. It shows that not all of the challenges are safe, and there are risks you have to take to do them. 

As for the font, I wanted to choose something striking and very bold. I like the font on the current cover but I felt it needed to be capitalised to really highlight the importance of the word. As for the author's name, I wanted this to be completely separate from the boldness of the title font whilst still being of importance on the cover. I really like the font I used for it - I'll be sure to use that more often. As for the tagline, there wasn't one on the original cover but once again I really wanted to capture the dynamics of the themes highlighted in this book through the competition. 'Are you ready to face your fear?' I feel it's the question that everyone asks themselves as they stand up on that high ledge, waiting to jump and enter themselves into the competition. 
So there we go guys, there is the book cover redesign for you to oggle and discuss about. Please note I am in no way stating that I am professional, because frankly because they are just images from google, some of them have turned out horrific. This is a fun project, I'm not being serious about any of these. Let me know down in the comments which covers you think I should do next and perhaps I'll attempt them! Until next time.

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  1. That is such a cool idea. Sometimes I look at a book cover and wonder why it was chosen as that cover because a lot of thought goes into cover design and sometimes it just doesn't make sense. I'll look out for more of these posts :)


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