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Monday, 31 August 2015
Hey guys, I'm here with a bit of a different post because I've decided there's going to be a few changes happening to this blog - some which are going to be effective immediately, and others which will begin to appear gradually over time. 

So while blogging is a hobby that I really do enjoy, I've found myself quite stressed in trying to get posts out. Now I know that my blog probably isn't the most original out there, and I've found this to be quite an annoying factor of late. I want my blog to be original and personal to me, and by replicating the same types of posts over and over again, I'm just not satisfying my craving for originality.

Therefore, I am deciding to put a stop to that.

Previously on this blog I had three main features that I tried my hardest to make appear weekly. These of course are Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday and Falling Behind on Friday posts. Although very quick and easy posts to type up, I found myself getting more stressed over them because I wasn't managing to keep up. My posts were slowly becoming a day late, and then two days, and even a week and I was just back scheduling the posts to coincide with the dates they were supposed to be posted. I shouldn't have to do that. 

Henceforth I have decided that I am no longer going to be continuing with the Waiting on Wednesday and Falling Behind on Friday feature on this blog.

It has been a decision that I have not made likely or on a whim - it is actually something that I have been considering for a while because they just aren't exciting me like they used to. It's the same old rubbish being posted each week and it's actually becoming strenuous to try and find appropriate books for these topics. It's just not original anymore. This news probably isn't going to come to a surprise to many of you considering I haven't posted a Top Ten Tuesday or Falling Behind on Friday in roughly a month... Oh well!

Meanwhile, I am going to be continuing on with the Top Ten Tuesday posts but I believe these may be spread out over a fortnightly basis. I enjoy the originality of thought that is associated with these posts so therefore I will be continuing to engage in them. However, the weekly reoccurrence may become to stressful for me at times to keep up with, so having them fortnightly will allow me to spread out the creativity across my blog - hopefully you guys won't be getting bored that way. If I find myself becoming to overwhelmed with the Top Ten Tuesday posts then this may change to the Top 5 Wednesday feature, because their shorter in demand and then I can integrate the books into my Instagram photographs and I'm really enjoying doing that at the minute. It's definitely something that is keeping me inspired and creative during these strenuous times!

Besides the weekly/fortnightly features, I would really like to integrate some discussion posts into this blog. Now these I can't imagine will appear immediately so don't expect them within the next week - however, I've recently been thinking that all of my favourite book blogs have some sort of discussion posts that interact with their viewers and that is exactly the type of engagement I want to have with my blog. I also really want to inspire my viewers and to make them think. I don't want it to be a place that people come once or twice, read a post and then forget it when switch their tab to Twitter and begin to laugh at pictures of cats. I want my blog to have some remembrance (well don't we all) and I think the only way to do this is through creativity and originality. Being a teacher I strongly believe I have both of these elements and I have to use them on a daily basis at work, so why can't I integrate them into my blog? It should be simple enough, right?

Anyway that's all I really have to say on the matter. I'd really appreciate some feedback from you guys about how you think bloggers can inspire creativity and originality into their posts because I'm thinking one of my first discussion posts is going to be around this topic. Perhaps I could even get some blogger interviews on the matter, what do you guys think?

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